Turn your Industrial Data into a Strategic Asset

Increase revenue and reduce cost and downtime with the most sophisticated industrial data integrity software

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The only thing we do is fix your data integrity - but that will change everything.

We are passionate about the world of industrial data and are on a mission to build the best data integrity product to help you make informed quality-data-driven decisions.

Use the product and you’ll experience serious improvement in the processes, safety and security of your operations.

This is why companies and partners all over the world, real industrial leaders in Power Generation, Wind, Transmission, Chemical Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Mining trust us to manage millions of their sensors.

Formed in 2016
3 locations
25 countries with
customers & partners


Deploys quickly and seamlessly

Connect to any data acquisition tool including SCADA, Historians, data- lakes and more. See your data like you've never seen it before.

Get up and running in minutes. Zero configuration. Agnostic to the source of the data, type of sensor and type of equipment.


Real-time detection of sensor data anomalies

By looking at historical data and building our Fingerprints (patent-pending technology), our AI engines improve your future.

If your sensors are flat-lined, frozen, out of range, breaking correlation, drifting or show no data, we will let you know in a split second.

Gone are the days that required you to manually configure rules for sensor anomalies. From now on your data is trustable and reliable.


Data cleaning is a thing of the past

Data scientists are spending up to 80% of their time on data cleaning. Analytics, Predictive Maintenance projects are failing due to the use of low-quality data. It's elementary: Garbage in = Garbage out.

Start verifying your data so that you can be certain your decisions are rooted in accuracy. Deploy, Use and Scale easily. A plant with 10,000 sensors - no problem for us, you are connected, monitoring and validating within a couple of hours. Guaranteed.


Reach new levels of operational efficiency

Just a few buzzwords we hear everyday from our customers and partners: Productivity boosts; Asset maintenance costs plummet; Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness; Safety Instrument Systems reliability; predictive maintenance actually working and more.

We make all this possible. How? We are a beautiful fusion of software and industrial data that is clever enough to truly impact your operational bottom line.


Trust that your data is never being manipulated

Using our Fingerprinting technology, we have built the only credible and proven solution to detect the most sophisticated attacks on your operational data. That is why the world’s second largest power company uses our software to protect their data. We call it Data Forgery Protection. Come and talk to us about this.

Deploy. Monitor. Detect. Validate. Effortlessly.

Data accuracy in industrial environments is critical. It can make or break you.

Make operational decisions based on inaccurate data and that’s the best recipe for false alarms, incorrect diagnoses, predictive maintenance failure, third-rate analytics, and in short, you're on a journey to de-optimise your operations. Which is why high-quality data is not a nice to have, it’s a must have.

Head and shoulders above anything else on the market today

Deploy   Cloud. Hours.   Onprem. Forever.
Monitor   Completely agnostic.
 Seamlessly scalable
  Connect sensors one by one.
 Purpose-built every time.
Detect   In real-time.   After event.
 Purpose-built every time.
Validate   Fully Automated.   Fully Manual.
Deploy Monitor Detect Validate
  Cloud. Hours.  Completely agnostic.
  Seamlessly scalable.
 Real-time.  Fully Automated.
OTHERS   Onprem. Forever.  Connect sensors one by one.
 Purpose-built every time.
 After Event.  Fully Manual.

We do data integrity the intelligent way

The Software

  • Sensor Health & Data Integrity Solution
  • Built for Cloud, but works on-premise
  • Works with all public cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Google, etc)
  • Connects in ‘read-only’ to all major data sources - to wherever the time-series data sits
  • Channels Explorer - Aperio GUI to Investigate an event
  • Alerts Analytics Dashboard
  • Integrates with 3rd party SIEM & BI tools

What you see

  • Aperio GUI - Investigate Events
    Interactive UI for plant operators to manage root cause analysis of detected events - fast and accurately with the most sophisticated tools.
  • Aperio Dashboard - Events. Analytics. One Overview.
    Interactive dashboard. Monitoring screen in a control room. Gauge & PI charts, Metrics, Tickets Management - where the only action necessary is Click, Drag & Drop.
  • Your own systems augmented with Aperio findings
    (through REST API)

    Any way you would want to leverage Aperio’s insights, without adding another screen.

The Brain

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Patented process to determine normal time series data behaviour based on historical data (the “Fingerprinting” process).
  • Builds the digital “Fingerprint’’ for each data input individually
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Detection Engines monitoring Single Sensor time series data streams and Multi-Channel correlated time series data streams.
  • Anomaly Detection Engines process live data streams from sensors and assesses against the individual ‘’Fingerprints’’
  • A ‘’Fingerprint’’ ‘mismatch’ generates an alert in real time, pinpointing the problematic input and indicating the root cause of anomaly

What you get

  • Data Integrity. Simply and Powerfully.

  • Reliability, accuracy and trust in data, all the way from the source of data to the use of data.

  • Universally applicable solution for sensor monitoring.

  • Fast deployment. All-round agnostic. Zero-configuration requirement.

Packed with amazing features

  • Collect from multiple Data Acquisition platforms.
  • Read any time-series data from any data source.
  • Read any time-series data from any data source.
  • Ready connectors to pretty much all of the Historians.
  • Read-only. No security issues. No governance issues.
  • DEEP integration with OSIsoft PI and most OSIsoft tools.

  • Learning from historical data to build a model of 'normal behaviour' for each individual sensor. Creates signal Fingerprints - protected IP. No need for labeled data to train Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Automatic benchmarking procedure for every sensor and for every detection engine. Evaluate the capacity of a specific engine to detect an event on each channel with high accuracy. Close to Zero false alerts.

  • System rebuilds machine learning models periodically - automatically. Intelligent approach to model rebuilding.

  • Possibility for users to interact with the system and classify detections.

  • Reliable detection that gives operators true state awareness and allows them to trust in the data.

  • 12 Anomaly detection Engines.

  • Single Sensor analysis and Multi-Channel Correlation analysis. Every Engine looks at different properties of the signal, to provide full anomaly detection coverage.

  • Select or deselect specific Engines for a group of sensors. Filter events based on Engine name.

  • Steady release flow of sophisticated Engines based on roadmap, customer requests and experience from live deployments.

  • Interactive dashboard. Live - no refresh required.

  • Drag and drop dashboards, filtering/grouping. Gauge & PI charts, Metrics, Tickets Management.

  • Fully customisable by each user according to role and focus. Grafana build.

  • Log and config packaging script, to allow support engineers to address any technical issues.

  • Monitor sensor health at scale.
  • Zero configuration.
  • Agnostic to the type of sensor and type of equipment.
  • Live streaming mode - Data file mode (CSV files) or Historian.
  • Analyze History - start analyzing events backward in time
  • Monitor all the sensors of the Historian or
  • Monitor only sensors based on search queries
  • Very little training to use and deployed very fast so that you can Monitor sensor reliability and dramatically improve data quality.

  • Instant detection.

  • Guaranteed close to zero false positives alerts.

  • Discover daily operational issues in plants without manual troubleshooting.

  • Improve data foundation for analytics, performance metrics and operational calculations.

  • Drill down fast to accurate root cause analysis.

  • Visualize the events detected, providing possibility to compare several signals at a time, filtering different types of alerts and events.

  • User decides on course of action with full event visibility.

  • Built-in ticket management system to actively improve your data integrity directly in the UI.

  • Detections can be accessed through REST API - Aperio does not have to be a separate screen, but can provide a strong alternative with our UI.

  • Alerting and Notification systems.

  • Easy way to configure alerts per plant or per system, or per type of detection.

  • SIEM integration.

  • Messaging integration (email, slack, and most standard messaging systems) - combined with a powerful notification rules management system.

  • Osisoft PI Event Frame integration.

  • Health Check - that the software works with reasonable performance efficiency, and that the connectivity to the Historian works as expected.

  • Live updating dashboards and widgets customization based on events/alerts and channels information.

Collaborating with some of the best
industrial technology companies in the world