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Whenever there’s a headline-grabbing cyberattack, Michael Shalyt, CEO and co-founder of Israeli cybersecurity start-up Aperio Systems, has his sleep interrupted. “People call me in the middle of the night, Michael, should I be afraid?” read more >>

APERIO Systems, the company providing the last line of defense for protecting industrial control systems and increasing resilience against cyberattacks, today announced that it was selected to participate in the Free Electrons 2017 Cohort as one of the world’s most innovative energy startups read more >>

When the U.S. Energy Department released a nearly 500 page report this month warning of an “imminent” threat to the electrical grid, it was the latest reminder read more >>

APERIO Systems Wins the Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Award, Honored as “The Hot Company in ICS/SCADA Security Solutions” During RSA® Conference 2017. read more >>

How hackers are holding cities to ransom?

Cyber security has dominated the headlines in the US. From CIA claims that Russia meddled in the US presidential election in Donald Trump’s favour to the release of thousands of FBI agents’ names read more >>

Aperio Systems wins CyberTech startup competition

APERIO Systems was chosen as the most innovative startup in cybersecurity at the Cybertech 2017 conference’s startup competition this week. read more >>

Michael Shalyt, VP of product at Aperio Systems, a company which specialises in securing critical control systems told SC “One of the metrics that define the severity of a cyber-attack is the length of time before normal operations can resume. read more >>

New technology enables intelligent detection of artificial manipulations of process data for mission-critical systems and infrastructures. These systems are like a polygraph for process data — detecting and alerting when our machines are lying to us. read more >>

Industrial control systems (ICS) have been running the show at industrial facilities for over 30 years. read more >>

Top 15 security predictions for 2017

Think takedowns of traffic lights, portions of the power grid, water systems, etc. – they might not cause catastrophic damage, but they will disrupt daily life. But in some cases, the damage could be significant, through the use of data forgery. read more >>

Gazing ahead: Security predictions

The number of cyberattacks based on known open source vulnerabilities will increase by 20 percent. Why: Organizations of all sizes and types are expanding their use of cloud and mobile applications read more >>

Israeli startup Aperio Systems emerged as winner, thanks to their groundbreaking recognition technology of counterfeit data which provides non-intrusive protection via operative and detection alarms, and were named the first company to participate in the Innovation Hub. read more >>

Data Forgery Protection Technology To Defend Critical Industrial Control Systems From Cyber Threats Unveiled

Industrial cybersecurity startup protects SCADA systems by detecting and immediately correcting falsified readings for unprecedented operational resilience. read more >>

Israeli Tech Last Line of Defense for Power Plant Cyber Attacks

Aperio AI detects false fingerprints behind erroneous data read more >>

Artificial Intelligence Lie Detector To Protect Critical Infrastructure

Aperio answers the challenge by non-intrusively plugging into an existing control system and unleashing its advanced machine learning algorithms to study and identify the system’s unique “fingerprints.” read more >>


From the rate of gas flow at a petroleum refinery, to the temperature and spin rates of turbines in a power plant, or the chlorine level of water supply networks, APERIO Systems’ proprietary Data Forgery Protection™ (DFP) technology delivers the last line of defense in protecting critical SCADA systems against insider and external threats. read more >>

Using AI, Israel’s Aperio protects infrastructure from hackers

Startup says it can act as a ‘lie detector for machines’, gets seed funding from cybersecurity veterans read more >>

APERIO Emerges From Stealth With ICS Security Product

APERIO Systems today emerged from stealth mode with a new data forgery protection technology designed to defend industrial control systems (ICS) from internal and external cyber threats read more >>

Israeli industrial cyber security startup Aperio Systems emerges from stealth

Whereas most other providers bring protections for the new mixing of operational technology (OT) and IT networks, Aperio Systems combine elements from math, physics, and engineering to produce a solution that protects the physical equipment at a site. read more >>

Startup Says it Can Protect Industrial Control Systems from Attack

Attackers, said Nogin, can forge data largely in three ways: Record and replay old normal operating data; transform a data signal, or generate a synthetic signal with an algorithm. Aperio can detect those and more…through advanced machine learning. read more >>

Securing Against Disguised Data

APERIO Systems Tuesday launched from stealth mode, to bring to market technology that detects artificial manipulations of industrial process data, which can allow operators to take real-time corrective action without service disruption to industrial control systems (ICS). Attackers, said Nogin, can forge data largely in three ways: Record and replay old normal operating data; transform a data signal, or generate a synthetic signal with an algorithm. Aperio can detect those and more…through advanced machine learning. read more >>

APERIO Systems Emerges from Stealth

APERIO Systems Emerges from Stealth, Unveils Data Forgery Protection Technology to Defend Critical Industrial Control Systems from Cyber Threats… read more >>